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LLP Annual Complainces

Every LLP need to do annual ROC filing and Income tax filing, it is mandatory requirement under law and non complaince attaract penalty.

  • Madatory requiremnt under law

  • Need to do Timely filing to avoid penalty

LLP Annual Complainces

About LLP Annual Filing

Every registered LLP has to do annual ROC compliances and to file Income tax return even if there is no business activity. In fact, it has to do even if the LLP has been closed down and whether or not a LLP bank account exists. LLP annual compliance has to do on a mandatory basis, irrespective of these conditions. Statement of Accounts and solvency to be filled in form-8 where designated partners have to file a declaration of solvency statement need to be certified by CA, CS or CMA. The due date to file form-8 is within 30 days from end of six month of financial year ie 30 October. Annual return to be filed in form-11 and due date is 60 days from the close of financial year.

LLP Annual Filing

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  •       Preparation and Filing of

  •       Form Form-11

  •       Form Form-8

  •       Preparation and Filing of

  •       Form Form-11

  •       Form Form-8

  •       Income Tax Return

Procedure of Incorporation

Checking and Verification of documents
Submisison of Form-11 and Form-8
Get Acknowledgement

Every registered LLP need to file statement of accounts and solvenct statement in form form -8 and form-11. this is mandatiory requirement and if not do in time attarct delay penalty.

Form -11 is annual return and it consist of various details like partners details, capital. its registered office etc.

Form-8 is the statement of solvency where you have to provide financial details and submit solvency declaration and form need to be certified by CA, CS ,CWA

Every year all Compaines required to file their Annual return with ROC which consist of various details of company ie shareholding pattern, director details, registered office details etc.

Form 11 and Form -8 to be filed 30th May and 30 October respectively after completion of financial year.

If Form -11 and form-8 is not file timely than delay panlaty is Rs.100 per day after due date.

LLP those turnover exceed Rs. 40 Lakh or those contribution exceed Rs. 25 Lakh are required to annually get their accounts audited by practicing Chartered Accountant in practice. So, all other LLP are exempted from mandatory audit of their accounts.

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