Company registration in Navi Mumbai

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration in Mumbai

LLP is a partnership with features of a company like limited liability.

  • Most popular form to start a business with feature of company.

  • Limited Liability.

  • Distinguish legal Identity.

  • Easy Compliances with no mandatory Audit .

Advantage of LLP Registration

LLP registration in Mumbai is the best business registration structure due to its distinguishing feature like limited liability and other which is not exist in traditional partnership firm registration and available for company so Limited Liability partnership (LLP) is the combination of traditional partnership firm and private limited company and LLP consist have good feature of both the business structure as discussed above. LLP Registration in Mumbai can be done by a minimum 2 person who becomes designated partner or partner for registration of LLP. LLP constitution was written in LLP agreement where all the details including terms and conditions define to smoothly run of Limited Liability partnership (LLP).
LLP Registration in Mumbai to be done through LLP act and registered under concerned ROC. LLP has many features of a company like limited liability, easily admission and retirement of LLP partners, change of capital and LLP partners share, etc. Limited liability means where your liability is restricted to the contribution you made in LLP also another partner will never be liable for the negligence of a partner so a registration of LLP is increased popularity to business owners who want to retain limited liability with less compliance and keep more transparency. Limited Liability Partnership registration in Mumbai is very easy through the online process and after post-registration need to go very fewer companies as compare to a private limited company.
The LLP registration process I very easy and it helps the business a lot. We provide this registration for very affordable LLP registration fees that helps the business to form an LLP, LLP registration procedure is very easy.
We can summaries the Limited Liability partnership registration benefits as below.

  • Ease of formation/Separate legal identity.
  • Limit the Risk to Personal Assets
  •  Less Compliances /Perpetual succession
  • Protection from debt as personal assets not affect
  • Partner not liable for act of another partner
  • No Mandatory Audit/ Easy to shut down
LLP registration in Mumbai

Our Best Pricing Package Of LLP Registration

8999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Complete OPC Company Incorporation with

  •       2 DSC

  •       2 DIN

  •       1 Name Approval Form

  •       Drafting of LLP Agreement

  •       Stamp Duty and Registration          Fees

  •       PAN Allotment

  •       TAN Allotment

10999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Complete LLP Incorporation          With

  •       2 DSC

  •       2 DIN

  •       1 Name Approval Form

  •       Drafting of LLP Agreement

  •       Stamp Duty and Registration          Fees

  •        PAN/ TAN Allotment

  •       GST Registration

11999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Everything Inclusive in Silver          Package

  •       3 Month GST Filing

  •        Initial Accounting Support

  •       Initial Business Advice

  •       One year Income Tax Filing

  •       (For non audit Assessee)

  •        One year ROC Filing

Mandatory Documents For LLP Registration

PAN Card

Self attested copy of PAN Card

ID Proof

Self attested copy of Voter ID/Passport/Driver License (Any One)

Address Proof

Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity / Gas Bill (Any One and not older than 2 month)

Registered Address Proof

If Owned Than Sale Agreement and one Utility Bill/or NOC of owner

ID Proof

Self attested copy of Voter ID/Passport/Driver License (Any One)

PAN Card

Self attested copy of PAN Card

Minimum Requirement For Registration Of LLP

Partner Required

Minimum 2 Designated Partner Required

Partner Required

Minimum 2 Partner Required

Can be the person

Designated partner and partner can be the person

Procedure of LLP Incorporation

Reservation of Name
Submission of Documents
Get Certificate of Incorporation
Filing of LLP Agreement
Obtaining of PAN and TAN No

The limited liability partnership has separate legal entity means the Limited Liability partnership and partners are distinct from each other. LLP possess a feature of company and partnership firm. All the partner have limited liability and one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner s misconduct or negligence. LLP is managed as per LLP agreement.

Registered office is the address which are registered with concerned ROC and it can be happened in commercial as well as residential premises and documents required for that is- Electricity Bill Gas Bill Telephone Bill NOC From Owner

Any address can be provided as the LLP registered office address for the incorporation purpose Howeverthe consent of the owner is must for the using the property for business purpose

An individual or body corporate may become a partner in LLP. LLP must have at least two individuals as Designated Partners and at least one of the Designated Partners must be resident in India. A body corporate partner of the LLP can nominate an individual as a Designated Partner.

Following two Statements needto be filed each year . 1) Statement of Account and Solvency 2) LLP Annual Return

As per the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 there is no compulsion to contribute a minimum capital for a partner and if you fix any capital in LLP agreement than the partners can contribute this capital in the form of tangible, movable or immovable or other benefit to the LLP and no need to transfer fund in bank account. rn

Only the LLP whose turnover exceed Rs. 40 Lakh or whose contribution exceed Rs. 25 Lakh are required to get their accounts auunually audited by any Chartered Accountant in practice. So, all other LLP are exempted from mandatory audit of their accounts.

It is totally depends on the requirement that what you want to do. If single person doing business and are not going to raise any outside investment for at least 3 years then OPC is best. Or if you are planning to raise funds then Private Ltd registration is best option. LLP is preferred by Lawyers, Doctors, Designers and other professionals.

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