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Appointment/ Removal of Designated Partner

Easy process of Addition/Removal of designated partner in LLP with Make My Filing.

Changes in LLP

Changes in Management

Every LLP should have at least two designated partner and initial partner appoint at the time of formation of LLP and their name mentioned in original LLP agreement submitted in ROC.After incorporation of LLP new partner or designated partner can add or old partner or designated partner can resign depending upon the need. Designated Partner can be added or removed by passing a resolution by LLP and filing relevant forms with the Registrar of Companies.The rights and obligations of the admitted partner shall be determined vide agreement entered into the LLP and its other partners

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1999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Preparation and filing of         supplementary agreement

  •       Filing of Form- 3 & 4

2999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Preparation and filing of         supplementary agreement

  •       Filing of Form- 3 & 4

  •       Application of One DSC

  •       Application of One DIN

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  •       Preparation and filing of         supplementary agreement

  •       Filing of Form- 3 & 4

  •       Application of One DSC

  •       Application of One DIN

Procedure Of Changes

Preparation of Supplementary Agreement
Application of DIN and DSC Application
Filing of Form-3 & 5
Change Effective With ROC

The Procedure to appoint designated Partner is follows. • Apply for Digital Signature Certificate: • After the DSC, the Director Identification Number (DIN) of the Director will be applied in the form DIR – 3. • After allotment of DIN, all the existing partners of the LLP will call a meeting and pass a resolution to add a designated partner in the partnership deed. • A supplementary partnership deed will be drafted in which the new partner’s name will be added. • Then the consent of the incoming partner will be taken in writing. • After preparation of these documents, Form - 4 of LLP will be filed within 30 days of the appointment. • After filing this form, FORM - 3 will be filed, along with the supplementary and the original partnership deed within 30 days of appointment. • After the filing of all these forms, the name of the designated partner will be added and update in ROC record and visible in ROC site in LLP mater data. • If Form – 3 and Form – 4 are not filed within 30 days there is an additional fee on each form of Rs. 100/- per day.

For Become a designated partner or partner below documents are required. For Id prof - Following are the 3 documents are accepted as Id Proof 1. Voters ID 2.Passport Copy 3.Driving Licence For Address Prof - Following are the 5 documents are accepted as address Prof and it should not be older than 2 month. 1.Latest Bank Statement 2.Telephone Bill 3. Mobile Bill 4. Electricity Bill 5.Gas Bill Additional Documents - Pan Card, Aadhar Card

Any LLP should have at least 2 designated partners and partner can become designated partner. Designated partner is the person who actively looks after management and affairs of the LLP and designated partner should possess DPIN number (it is similar to DIN number). Ordinary partner in LLP don’t interfere the management of LLP but to interest in profit/loss sharing. Name of partner and designated partner are mentioned in LLP agreement.

A LLP must have at least two designated partner and there are no limit of maximum number of Designated partner and if the Designated Partner is NRI than at least one Designated Partner should be resident of India.

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