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FSSAI Registration/Licence is the basic requirement and the must need for all the Food Business operators, whether they may be wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders, Re-packers, etc.

  • Required for all food business Operator

  • Registration or obtaining licence depend on Turnover

  • 100% Online process



FSSAI full form is basically the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is the governing and regulatory body for ensuring the safety of food products delivered to the consumers. Every Food Business Owners (FBOs) such as manufacturers, traders, restaurants, small eateries, grocery shop, importers, exporters, home based food businesses, dairy farms, processors, retailers, e-tailors to register their business under the guidelines of the regulatory body. FSSAI licence are vary on the type of operation and scale of the business turnover. Depending on these factor the licence is classified as follows. 1. FSSAI Basic Registration 2. State Licence 3. Central Licence FSSAI BASIC REGISTRATION – Food business with very small scale operation localized in one particular area of the city and their annual turnover do not exceed Rs. 12 Lacs have to go for a basic FSSAI registration. STATE LICENCE – Small to medium scale of food business operator whose annual turnovers between Rs. 12 lacs to Rs. 20 Crore need to acquire the state Fssai Licence and the state government is responsible for issuing the FSSAI state licence to respective food business owners. CENTRAL LICENCE - Food Business Operators whose an annual turnover of over Rs. 20 crores mandated acquiring a central license These could include a large variety of Traders including fully export-oriented units, operators and importers associated with the central government and its related agencies.


Our Best And Transperent Pricing Package

1999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Basic Registration

  •       Applicable if Annual turnover         is less than 12 Lacs

11999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       State Licence

  •       Applicable if Annual turnover         is less than 12 Lacs

29999/-(All Inclusive)
  •       Central Licence

  •       Applicable if Annual turnover         is less than 12 Lacs

Mandatory Documents and Other Requirements

Authority Letter

Valid Authority Letter

Declaration Form

Declaration Form

In the Case of Company

In the Case of Company


MOA and AOA and Certificate of Registration

PAN Card

PAN Card of Proprietor/partner/director

ID prof

ID prof. of Proprietor/partner/director

Address prof

Address prof. of Proprietor/partner/director


photograph of Proprietor/partner/director


In the Case of manufacturing unit than

Address prof

Premises Ownership documents


Rent agreement and NOC

Procedure Of Changes

Submission of Application
Departmental Processing
Issue Licence

Yes it is mandatory for all food business operator (FBO) i.e.. any entrepreneur, start-up or company to get FSSAI license or FSSAI registration to commence or carry on any food business activity so any food manufacturing or processing or packaging or distributing entity is now mandatory required to obtain a FSSAI License or Registration.

FSSAI registration is required for a category of food business like petty food business. Eg. petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stall holder. If an FBO distributes foods in any religious or social gathering and the turnover does not exceed Rs 12 lakhs so in that category of FBOs are required to obtain a FSSAI registration by submitting an application for registration in Form A. FSSAI registration certificate contains the registration number and a photo of the applicant. FBO need to display this certificate at the place of food business at all times while carrying on the food business. On the other side any person or company which cannot be categorized as a petty food business operator is required to obtain a FSSAI license for operating a food business. Applicant can apply for FSSAI license under two types, State FSSAI License and Central FSSAI License. Based on the annual turnover and presence in one or more states, FBOs has to apply for State or Central License. Any large food business which is manufacturing, processing, transporting and importing food products require central FSSAI license while medium sized food manufacturers, processor and transporters need a State License. The fee and process of obtaining a FSSAI license is more complex than securing a FSSAI registration depend on the nature of business. FSSAI license application is made in Form B while for FSSAI.

The process for getting Fssai licence for restaurant service or catering service is similar to the other licenses. our team will assist you to your work easy by getting Fssai restaurant license for you.

FSSAI Registration can get within 2 days and Fssai Licence may come within a week time if the controlling authority does not order any inspection. However in cases where inspection is ordered the time required to get FSSAI Registration may be around 30-60 days as prescribed in the FSSAI Act.

Following are the documents that are required at the time of obtaining FSSAI License (State and Central) : 1. Form B duly completed and signed. 2. Photo and address proof of Director/Partner/Proprietor 3. ID proof with contact details of Director/Partner/Proprietor 4. Layout plan of the food processing unit. 5. List of the directors 6. List of food category 7. Authority Letter nominated by the manufacturer 8. Name and number of Equipment 9. Partnership deed 10. MOA and AOA 11. For hotel industry certificate provided by the Ministry of Tourism. 12. For pesticide residue report of water for packaging of water 13. Ministry of commerce certificate for 100% EOU(for central license) 14. Supporting documentary for proof of turnover (in central license case) 15. Analysis report of water to be used in the food (in central license case) 16. Possession proof is important for the electricity bill, sale deeds etc. (in central license case) 17. A cancelled cheque

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