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Term Loan is basically provide for capital expenditure funding, when people want to expand their business than they need money to invest in building, plant & machinery etc. and this is a fixed nature of expenses and given return in long term. Term loan is essential part of any business and necessary to build any business. banks and financial institution provide Term Loan to purchase plant and machinery and construction of factory and building. The return of capital expenditure come after long time so bank analyse project report of project and after due diligence if its feasible than they provide the loan to business on condition depend on bank to bank.


Mandatory Documents

Project Feasibility Report

ID Proof

PAN Card /Aadhar Card

Income Proof.

Income Tax Return from last 2 year, Balance sheet and P&L

6 Month Bank Statement

Property Documents

Photograph of Promoter

Procedure of Incorporation

Compilation of Documents
Appraisal of Documents
Processing With Bankers
Legal/ Valuation process
sanction and Disbursal of Loan

Term loan is use to setup of any business to purchase plant & machinery and construction of factory and building so this is a necessary loan helpful to build a business.

The bank basically analysis the project report to analysis how the future cash flow will generate , when the break even point come, Gross profit and net profit margin etc. apart from other basic criteria.

Repayment of term loan will be done in EMI, generally bank give some moratorium period to build a project and when the project start and give cash flow than EMI normally start and this is totally depend on bank to bank and project to project .

The Tenure of term loan normally in between 3-1o year and it is totally depend on project to project and bank to bank.

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